by Brian Collins & J.A. Ginsburg (originally published by The Dieline)


The year climate change got real.

Flooded subways became a thing. “Extreme weather” became “weather.” Record rains washed away an entire town in Germany, while cars bobbed in streets-turned-to-rivers in Italy, France, Spain, England and New England. …

In the Age of Covid, nothing personifies the grassroots, can-do American spirit more than the DIY face mask. Almost overnight an army of “sewists” started uploading how-to videos on YouTube, then posting them on social media feeds, and comparing notes on patterns and materials.

This was much more than a…

“Only a system can be sustainable.”
— Mark Miodownik, materials scientist and author of Stuff Matters

If all carbon emissions ceased tomorrow — if every country that originally signed onto the Paris Accord more than met is commitment — atmospheric carbon levels (CO2) would still continue to rise. Decarbonization is…



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